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Friday, January 19, 2018

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March E-Newsletter: Gearing up for success

March, 2017

The 85th Texas Legislative Session is in full swing!  CHILDREN AT RISK is hard at work at our State Capitol making sure that children's needs stay a priority. With support from both sides of the aisle, we are poised to make great strides for children all over Texas!
Below is a highlight of bills that we have helped file and others we will continue to support through the legislative process.     

Human Trafficking
  • HB 269 by S. Thompson (D) Houston, the Victim's Conviction Set-Aside bill allows victims of human trafficking to set aside convictions for prostitution offenses they received as a direct result of being trafficked.  
    This bill will be heard in the House Committee on Jurisprudence this Monday - click HERE to send an email in support to the committee members.
  • HB 2552 by S. Thompson (D) Houston /  SB 1226 by Sen. Huffman (R) Houston, an omnibus bill that further fights human trafficking by creating liability for businesses operating as an unlicensed massage parlor, improves the buyer diversion program or "John School" and closes a loophole making it illegal to provide a person or premises for the purposes of prostitution.
  • HB 240 by Hernandez (D) Houston, allows a landlord or local government to evict a tenant operating an illegal sexually oriented business.
  • HB 1522 by Rep. White (R) Dayton, creating an Interagency Task Force on Parent Engagement to enhance coordination among state agencies.
  • SB 940 by Sen. Campbell (R) San Antonio, Increasing Funding Transparency and Inter-Agency Coordination of Child Care and Pre-Kindergarten through the Texas Workforce Commission.
  • HB 2039 by Rep. Huberty (R) Houston, creates an additional early childhood certification for teachers specializing in Pre-K through 3rd grade education.
  • HB 357 by Rep. Huberty (R) Houston allows the children of first responders that have been killed or injured on duty to attend public Pre-Kindergarten free of charge.
  • HB 1389 by Giddings (D) caps the size of public Pre-Kindergarten classrooms to 22 students.
Health & Nutrition
  • SB 355 by Sen. Watson (D) Austin / HB 3145 by Deshotel (D) Beaumont,  requires school districts to establish a recess policy.  
Other Bills CHILDREN AT RISK is supporting 
  • HB 272 by S. Thompson (D) Houston / SB 128 by Garcia (D) Houston requires a course on human trafficking for all people seeking a commercial driver's license (CDL).
  • HB 1435 by Wu (D) Houston fights human trafficking by allowing county and district attorneys to prosecute deceptive trade practices.

Please support our efforts at the 85th Legislative Session with a donation of $85 or more. Your donation will help us be a voice for Texas' children. Click here to make your $85 for the 85th contribution.
We look forward to celebrating our achievements for children with you at the end of the session! Until then, sign up here to receive regular Advocacy Alerts on issues that are important to you.

For Children!
Dr. Bob Sanborn
President & CEO
Let's Drive Change for Children!
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