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Friday, January 19, 2018

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How Texas Can Avoid a $1.3 Billion Health Care Cut - Plus More Updates
Texans Care for Children

August, 2016

Report: Texas Needs Health Coverage Plan in 2017 to Avoid $1.3 Billion Cut in 2018
You already know that by turning down federal Medicaid expansion funding our state leaders are making line cooks and child care teachers sicker, making families poorer, and making our economy weaker.
A new report by the Center for Public Policy Priorities now shows that if our state leaders don't take action on health care in 2017, the consequences are going to escalate. 
As the Houston Chronicle's business columnist recently warned, the federal government is cutting back on covering hospital bills for uninsured patients, instead offering funding for states to get those patients insured in the first place. If state leaders refuse to transition to this more efficient health care finance system, in 2018 alone Texas communities could face a cut of $1.3 billion in 1115 Medicaid Waiver funds for hospitals' "Uncompensated Care" and local "DSRIP" health projects.
Fortunately, state leaders can avoid these losses and support Texas families by either expanding Medicaid or developing a market-oriented plan to ensure that low-wage workers have an affordable health insurance option.  
Tell Your Legislators to Expand Health Coverage
New Date for Health Coverage Advocacy Day: March 6, 2017
Join Texans from across the state on March 6, 2017 as we converge on the Texas Capitol to urge state legislators to ensure all Texans have the insurance they need to stay healthy and financially stable. 
Register for Advocacy Day 2017
Health Coverage Updates
Without Insurance, Irma Casarez was Left to Die: The Houston Chronicle highlights the sad story of one Texan who couldn't get cancer treatment without insurance and died a few months later.
Updated Health and Wealth County Check Up: The Center for Public Policy Priorities has updated its interactive tool for measuring the many local benefits of insuring more Texans.
Texas Launches New Women's Health Program: While the program is a welcome step forward, significant gaps remain.
Clock Ticks on Financial Crisis for Texas Hospitals: Columnist Chris Tomlinson explains why state leaders must take action in 2017.
Health Advocates Deliver Detailed Response to Senators' Comments on Health Care: See the highlights of the CPPP memo to members of the Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform.
Here's Why Texas Must Expand Medicaid: The Dallas Morning News editorial board explains what's at stake for Dallas and the whole state.
Get Out Your Calendar
House County Affairs Committee Hearing: The Committee announced it will hold another hearing on the 1115 Medicaid Waiver and other issues, this time in Fort Worth on August 4th.
Senate Health and Human Services Committee Hearing: The Committee will hold a hearing September 13th on CPS, women's health, and several Medicaid topics, including cost containment strategies, the 1115 Waiver, a potential 1332 Waiver, and a potential block grant.
2016 DARE Texas Summit: Don't miss CPPP's annual policy conference on November 30th and December 1st. 
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