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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Mental Health Daily
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

December, 2015

Pacific Standard
December 9, 2015
A New World Bank unit will incorporate behavioral science into third-world financing and public health.
December 9, 2015
Hands up if any of these things describes your kids, you as a kid, or kids you know: inability to wait for a turn; temper tantrums; fidgeting; inability to finish chores; being too loud; being too quiet. Congratulations! The kid in question might have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and he (and it’s a he twice as often as it’s a she) can take medication to “normalize” him.
Huffington Post
December 9, 2015
I see people no longer living in fear and isolation, who are active participants in their health care, whose care needs are overseen by a single, highly skilled and dedicated care manager, who is in frequent dialogue with an interdisciplinary care team that includes the participant's primary care doctor. We can see all of this because the future is now.
Athens Daily Review
December 8, 2015
The Henderson County Commissioners Court gave the green light for the Henderson County Sheriff's Office to enter into a contract with a mental health provider to help prisoners at the jail.
Midland Reporter-Telegram
December 8, 2015
Local agencies that provide counseling and crisis services to abuse victims say that both physical and sexual abuse cases are on the rise, but suspected child sexual abuse cases remain in the majority. No matter the severity of the abuse, the consequences on the victim’s mental and physical well-being can be detrimental.
Houston Chronicle
December 9, 2015
A Houston man accused of killing a Harris County sheriff's deputy will be evaluated to determine his mental competency before proceedings continue, a judge ruled Wednesday.
Houston Chronicle
December 8, 2015
LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Bills requiring child-placing agencies to make reasonable efforts to keep siblings together in the foster care and adoption systems have advanced in Michigan's Legislature.
Boston Herald
December 9, 2015
A psychologist who examined Philip Chism for signs of mental illness two months before his trial started told jurors yesterday “it’s very likely” the teen has been faking.
The Herald News
December 9, 2015
Gov. Charlie Baker's administration is pushing forward with a plan to privatize emergency mental health intervention services in southeastern Massachusetts, drawing the ire of the health workers' union that says the change will dent the quality of care in the region.

The Guardian
December 9, 2015
After 15 years of initiatives, staff still lack compassion and many of the national programmes have disappeared.
British Psychological Society
December 9, 2015
The Opposition Day Debate on Mental Health, taking place after Prime Minister’s Question Time (approx. 12:30pm), also asks the Government to reconsider its decision not to enshrine the right to psychological therapies in the NHS constitution.
Washington Post
December 8, 2015
Burnout among U.S. doctors is getting worse, according to a study that shows physicians are worse off today than just three years earlier.
December 9, 2015
Talk therapy and antidepressants could both be equally effective as stand-alone treatments for major depressive disorder, new research indicates. A review of 11 previously conducted studies that collectively tracked treatment outcomes for more than 1,500 patients found no difference in how well patients responded to treatment.
December 9, 2015
Many treated for depression or other disorders by late 20s, study says.
Science of Us
December 8, 2015
There are many potential explanations here, but some psychologists are especially interested in one particular aspect of Trump's enduring appeal: Many of his supporters may be responding to his rhetoric because, as offensive as his statements may routinely be, at least he's rarely ambiguous.
Popular Science
December 9, 2015
Nearly ninety years later, Davis's research continues to be widely invoked as evidence that we instinctively know our own nutritional needs. So why do so many of us seem to be so bad at "healthy" eating? The usual story is that the entanglements of modernity — technology, processed foods, advertising, perhaps even culture itself — have alienated us from our innate biological wisdom, or worse, have exploited our hard-wired appetites, imperiling our health to feed corporate treasuries.
The Atlantic
December 9, 2015
People are not more likely to kill themselves in the winter. The media’s insistence to the contrary is confusing and dangerous.


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