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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Mental Health Daily
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

December, 2015

November 30, 2015
Representatives from nearly 200 countries are meeting in France today to discuss climate change — and for good reason.To quote President Obama's State of the Union Address from earlier this year: "No challenge — no challenge — poses a greater threat to future generations than climate change."
November 30, 2015
Even people who don’t follow crime know the name Andrea Yates. On June 20, 2001—six months after giving birth to her fifth baby in seven years—the former nurse, who suffered from severe postpartum depression, drowned each child in the family bathtub.
Aeon Magazine
December 1, 2015
My interest in the subject is not in any particular solution to the origin of consciousness – I believe we’ll be arguing about that for millennia to come – but rather in the question: why is consciousness perceived as a ‘problem’? How exactly did it become a problem? And given that it was off the table of science for so long, why is it now becoming such a hot research subject?


Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute
Deember 1, 2015
“We are extremely grateful to Tom Luce for his role in establishing the Institute as a leader in mental health policy for Texas, and we are confident in Andy’s ability to carry the mission forward,” said Dr. Octavio Martinez, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MMHPI and Executive Director of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health.
Texas Comptroller for Public Accounts
Deadline for Survey
There’s a new way for certain Texans with disabilities to have special savings accounts for disability-related expenses, without losing eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid and certain other public benefits. It’s called the Texas Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Program. Our Texas ABLE survey will help us design the program and better understand how beneficiaries may use an ABLE account to save for disability-related expenses.
El Paso Times
November 26, 2015
Another study of mental-health services in Texas is not what the state needs, the vice chairman of a House committee that is preparing to work on the issue said this week. Instead, the state needs concrete policies — including legislation — that will fill gaps and better coordinate the services that are available, Rep. Joe Moody, D-El Paso, said this week.
San Antonio Express-News
November 30, 2015
Prisoner suicides grew 40 percent between 2008 and 2014, while attempted suicides grew 30 percent, the newspaper reported, citing government data obtained through public records laws and noting that 2015 seems poised to further the upward trend. However, the rise in Texas prisoner suicides sits well below the national trend.
San Antonio Express-News
November 30, 2015
San Antonio is only one of three cities in Texas with a clubhouse. Austin and Houston also have clubhouses and San Angelo is looking to open one.
ABC 27
November 30, 2015
Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting suspect Robert Dear reportedly referenced “baby parts” after a shooting spree that left three victims dead, leading many to question his motives and mental health. Now Washington is sorting out the possible interaction of Dear’s mental state, divisive political rhetoric and yet another act of deadly violence.
Las Vegas Sun
December 1, 2015
Other than a small dip in 2012, the number of children entering Clark County emergency rooms because of mental health-related issues has steadily increased — from 5,071 patients in 2009 to 6,619 in 2013, according to the state.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
November 30, 2015
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is announcing the appointment of Peggie Rice as its new Legislative Director. In her new job she will serve as SAMHSA's chief liaison with Congress and will work closely with constituency organizations to advance the nation's behavioral healthcare services.

New York Times
November 30, 2015
Lying in a narrow hospital bed, Djamel Cheboub gingerly lifted his right foot to drain fluid from a wound inflicted by one of three bullets he took the night of the Paris attacks. His left leg, damaged by a shot to the thigh, was immobile. Six metal pins protruded from his left arm, which was partly blown away.
New Scientist
November 30, 2015
You may have read that having a male brain will earn you more money. Or maybe that female brains are better at multitasking. But there is no such thing as a female or male brain, according to the first search for sex differences across the entire human brain.
Medical News Today
November 29, 2015
A pet dog may protect your child from childhood anxiety, according to research published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Psych Central
December 1, 2015
Little is known about how discrimination affects youths’ mental health and their willingness to help others. University of Missouri (MU) researchers are helping to close that gap; a new study finds that young Latino immigrants who feel discriminated against had more depressive symptoms and were less likely to perform altruistic behaviors after experiencing discrimination.
December 1, 2015
Trigger warnings define people with mental illness and post-traumatic stress disorder as victims, imprisoning them in the past.
The Guardian
December 1, 2015
Most parents do not talk to their children about mental health because ‘it isn’t an issue’. The one in 10 young people with a diagnosed condition says otherwise.
Columbus Dispatch
December 1, 2015
Since the death of Melissa in 2006, the Goldbergs have sought to improve the status of those with mental illnesses by improving their living conditions — work they do through Melissa’s House, a nonprofit they created in her memory.
November 30, 2015
It would be difficult to imagine a more perfect guest for The Mental Illness Happy Hour than Maria Bamford. In fact, it would only be a slight exaggeration to argue that Paul Gilmartin’s essential exploration of the pain and loneliness that unites not just comedians but all of humanity exists to give Bamford the safest, most nurturing possible forum to tell her story.
December 1, 2015
No matter how much reading up you do on the symptoms, or how many ‘things you should know about depression’ articles you click on, it’s tricky to imagine what sufferers are going through. One Reddit thread is helping us get a little bit closer.
Brain Pickings
December 1, 2014
What stress hormones have to do with the social machinery of sympathy.


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