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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center

October, 2015

Shumla and Texas State University are pleased to announce... 
The Shumla Endowed Research Professorship
It is with great excitement that we share with 
our Shumla community the news of the creation of 
an endowed position at Texas State University specifically designed and developed for the continued and expanded study of the rock art of the 
Lower Pecos Canyonlands of Texas.
"We're thrilled to expand our affiliation with Texas State University through the establishment of the Shumla Endowed Research Professorship. 

This milestone is the culmination of many years of collaboration between Shumla and the University. While it brings benefits to both organizations, in particular it enables Shumla's innovative approaches to rock art research and education to be shared with a much larger community than we've previously imagined. We're proud to be part of this new chapter in Shumla's history."

-- Emil Zuberbueler, President of the Shumla 
Board of Directors
"I have seen personally the extraordinary research and educational work being carried out by Shumla. 

The creation of the Shumla Endowed Research Professorship at Texas State University is the beginning of what will be a enduring and exciting partnership--one that will help prepare a new generation of students to extend Shumla's core mission of documenting, preserving, and protecting the extraordinary record of human habitation in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands. 

Texas State University is honored to be part of this important effort."

-- Dr. Michael Hennessy, Dean of the Texas State University College of Liberal Arts
The creation of the endowed position is a Win-Win for Shumla and Texas State University, and, perhaps above all, it is a huge WIN for the rock art and its ongoing preservation. Here's how it will work:
  • Texas State, in an unprecedented move, generously offered to underwrite a completely new position for the Professorship.
  • $600,000 is needed to endow the position.
  • This $600,000 will be matched at 50% by the Texas Research Incentive Program.
  • Shumla's Board of Directors has gifted the first $300,000.
  • We must raise the remaining $300,000.
  • The position may begin as soon as the full $600,000 endowment has been raised.
  • The occupant of the endowed position will be acting Head of Research at Shumla.
  • It our hope that the remaining $300,000 can be raised and the position can begin Fall 2017.
"I could not be happier about the 
creation of this position. Having the opportunity to teach and mentor future rock art scholars and employees of Shumla is a dream come true. 
This position sets up Shumla for long-term success and growth. It is the perfect position at the perfect time, for Shumla and for this incredible cultural resource." 
-- Dr. Carolyn Boyd, Founder and Research Director of Shumla Archaeological Research and Education Center
Its no secret that running an organization is difficult. Founding an organization, building it from the ground up and keeping it going through thick and thin is a feat of epic proportions. Dr. Carolyn Boyd has been the heroine of this epic tale. But even heroines need a change now and then. The Shumla Endowed Research Professorship is a pivotal step in succession planning for an individual who has been the heart and soul of Shumla since the beginning. 
Dr. Boyd is ready to handover the day-to-day administration of Shumla and to focus entirely on rock art research and education. Taking the endowed position at Texas State ensures that Shumla will continue to benefit from her knowledge, guidance and leadership for years to come. In this role, she will continue to be a strategic leader and acting Head of Research at Shumla. Dr. Boyd's time will be divided between Comstock and San Marcos.
At Texas State, Dr. Boyd will continue her research, prepare a pool of trained individuals eligible to be employed by Shumla, provide for student interns and volunteers to work at Shumla and open university resources to Shumla including, people, research libraries, and other resources. All of these things further Shumla's mission and, what's more, enable Shumla to expand our reach and our ability to achieve our mission without significant increases in our annual budget.

Texas State University is actively building a reputation as a top-notch STEM research institution. In addition, the Anthropology Department is working toward offering a PhD in Anthropology. The addition of an Endowed Research Professorship in the Department of Anthropology will be highly beneficial in both of these pursuits. 
Texas State students will also benefit! And not just archaeologists. Students in Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Art History, Chemistry, Business and other disciplines will have the opportunity to take part in interdisciplinary and even international scholarship. 
And of course, the rock art of the Lower Pecos, the reason Dr. Boyd founded Shumla in the first place, will benefit from the increased efforts to preserve the murals through expanded documentation, research, stewardship and education.

You can make this Professorship a reality!
Donate today! 
Please send gifts to:
Jessica Lee, Executive Director
Shumla Archaeological Center
P.O. 627
Comstock, TX 78837 

If giving cash, be sure to designate the funds to the endowment by writing in the note line on the check "Shumla Endowed Research Professorship." This money will be designated for the Professorship only.

Ask us about giving other types of assets that may provide greater tax benefits and other planning opportunities for you.


Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center 

PO Box 627 / 148 Sanderson / Comstock, TX 78837 USA    432-292-4848 


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