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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Meals on Wheels Waco Receives $200,000 gift from the estate of William Travis Clarke, Jr.
Meals & Wheels

September, 2015

Earlier this summer Meals & Wheels Waco received a gift from the estate of William Travis Clarke, Jr. in the amount of $200,000 performed by Clarke’s executor and long-time friend, Leo Bradshaw. 


Clarke was a WWII veteran who served under the command of General George Patton in his famous Third Army. Although Clarke retired from the United States Army as an officer, he had already been discharged once. Patton had requested Clarke be discharged, who was drafted into the war and held the rank of lieutenant at the time, in order for Clarke to enlist as a warrant officer and serve at a higher rank.


After his enlistment, Clarke was assigned to be a logistics officer. His primary job was to supply Patton’s army with supplies - specifically tank fuel. Clarke would obtain the fuel by crossing enemy lines and taking it from German camps meant for resupplying their armies.


Once he returned home, Clarke attended the University of Texas School of Pharmacy in Austin and became a pharmacist. Eventually, he ended up back at the Veterans Affairs Hospital now know as the Doris Miller VA Medical Center here in Waco where he worked full-time until 1975. Even though retired, Clarke remained a practicing pharmacist by working part-time at several different pharmacies.


Clarke’s estate has given to several different entities, including a gift of the same amount to the Doris Miller VA Medical Center.


Clarke was laid to rest this past March. But, through acts of generosity his legend and philanthropic tendencies live on forever. The gift established an endowment at the Waco Foundation named in honor of Mr. Clarke to support the Meals on Wheels program.


Thank you William Travis Clarke, Jr. and Leo Bradshaw for your more than generous gift.


Visit to learn more about Meals on Wheels Waco.


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