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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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A heartfelt 'Thank You' from the IEAS Family
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary

July, 2015


We would like to say 'Thank You' to those who generously donated to the relief fund to help cover the financial strain caused by the June floods.  The roads have all been repaired, and we now have our other produce fridge back up and running after the compressor was ruined by the flooding waters!

We would also like to thank Wise County Electric for their professional service and helping us replace electric poles that were damaged from the rain and storms we had in the last month!

We will be forever grateful to all of our generous supporters who continue to step up and help these regal animals who call IEAS home.  With your help, we are able to give them the best quality life possible in captivity, something they so rightly deserve!

We have even seen a spike in tours again the past couple of weeks.  This 4th of July weekend we have had a large number of people come visit these wonderful animals! 

Animal Update

Teddy and Twinkle have been thriving the past few months.  When they first arrived, they were about the size of Pomeranians.  That is no longer the case.  These two sweet cubs have tripled in size!  With the help of our Emotional Enrichment Program, Teddy and Twinkle have become very affectionate and comfortable with their human caregivers.  They are even becoming quite curious with tours.  Normally they would seek the comfort of their perches or trees, but now, they will come down and watch the tours go by.  While they tend to spend their mornings up on their high perch after breakfast, they spend their afternoons splashing around in their pools!

Spot Light
Well, the summer interns have jumped right into their routine!  This summer, we have two new interns, Kristin and Rebecca, who have spent their first month learning the basics in caring for the exotic animals that call IEAS home.  They will spend the next two months learning as much as they can about what it takes to keep a sanctuary like IEAS running. 

We have three interns who have stayed on from the spring session for an additional three months (Elizabeth, Karlie and Michelle).  All three assisted staff in training Kristin and Rebecca during their first two weeks here and are working to build on the knowledge they gained during their first three months at IEAS.  Each one has a valuable expertise they bring to the IEAS team.  Elizabeth has proven to be one of our top tour guides!  During the spring session, she was put in charge of giving school presentations at a couple of Elementary Schools for their Career Days.  She has even taken charge of our Animal Adventure Camp this summer.  Elizabeth is truly in her element when giving tours and working with the public!

Karli and Michelle have been spending their additional time at IEAS improving their keeper skills.  They spent the last months of their spring session working with staff to perform safety checks at the end of the day making sure everything was secure and the animals safe.  Now they are able to assist staff by performing their own safety checks in the afternoon.  Additionally, they have earned the privilege to feed and clean habitats of the smaller animals who reside at IEAS such as the bobcats, servals, coatis, etc.  After proving themselves competent, they are now assisting the keepers with feeding the black bears.  These two have come a long way in the past month!  We only hope they continue to excel so we can continue to teach them how to become top notch keepers in the animal field.
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