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Friday, January 19, 2018

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List your events on Early Music San Antonio
Early Music San Antonio

September, 2013


Dear Early Music friend, 


It's time again to list your season's early music events on Early Music San Antonio, This is an audience-driven website that was launched in 2008 to promote awareness of concerts, workshops, services, meetings, and other Early Music events in the San Antonio area. Please visit and explore. 



We invite you to list your events, to check the calendar when scheduling events, and help spread the word about this resource. 


There is no fee or registration required to use it. 



How to define early? Anything before the Romantic period, and not restricted to Europe. If a concert or service has a significant component of this music, please put it on the site.




List Your Events


Go to and click on the tab “Add Your Event” to fill in the form. 

The description is limited to about 40 words, and the site administrator will edit as necessary. Be sure to give us a way to contact you for questions. 



Schedule Your Events


Before scheduling a new event, check the link, “View Full Calendar of Events” that appears below the three next events on the left. Navigate to the month you want with the Next Month link above the calendar grid. This will help avoid conflicts, and the audience will thank you! We wait weeks sometimes for something to attend, and we hate it when everything happens at the same time.



Spread the Word


Please forward the link to your members, mailing list, or anyone you think would be interested, and please check the site often for new events. 



Thank you,


Early Music San Antonio


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