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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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All Eyes on YOU
International Exotic Feline Sanctuary

May, 2013

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News


We've got plenty of ways to be involved with IEAS this season, so the question that all of these curious eyes are asking is: how will YOU support the Sanctuary this summer?!

Looking for an awesome summer adventure for your 7-12 year old? How about an Exotic Animal Adventure at IEAS!?

This one day program allows your child to spend time up close and personal with 14 species of exotic animals – several of which are endangered! During their Exotic Animal Adventure, your child will have the chance to learn directly from the tigers, jaguars, bears, lions, and many other exotic animals, including native Texas species that are now endangered! They will learn all about the animals, conservation, and even what it takes to work with these amazing creatures! A tour of the Sanctuary, interactive and educational games, and hands on activities will immerse your child in the world of exotic animals!


Schedule the Adventure!  
Donation Required for Program: $75 per child
(price includes t-shirt and bonus gift!)
Call 940-433-5091 or
to sign up today!

Keep in mind, you must sign up two weeks before the Adventure date!

SAFETY FIRST! Here at IEAS, safety is our number one priority for your little Adventurer! At NO time during their Adventure Day will your child have any contact with any IEAS animals.

Our 3rd Annual "Quench Our Thirst" 
Water Weekend was a huge success! 
We collected over 100 cases - exactly 
2,273 bottles - of water to supply 
to tour guests during this upcoming 

Texas summer! A huge thanks to

everyone who came out for the event! 

 Spring is here, and many of you are probably starting up your gardens! Well, we've got an awesome way to help keep those pesky garden pests from ruining all of your hard work - Big Cat Scat!

Researcher's have found that a predator's feces, like that of a tiger, may help to drive away garden pests. Just the smell of a predator is enough to keep them at bay. It's been proven for goats, feral pigs, kangaroos (though we don't imagine these are much of an issue for you), and rabbits. We've also gotten feedback from past buyers that the Big Cat Scat has deterred deer (though it's not guaranteed)!
While we realize that you probably don't have much tiger poop laying around, here at IEAS, we've got plenty to share! We've got a fresh supply of tiger scat that we are ready to process for use in your yard. The all natural pest repellant is separated, dried, and packed safely in childproof buckets.

This spring, save your sapling, seedling, or garden AND support IEAS as all Big Cat Scat proceeds go directly to the animals!

Remember, we can SHIP the SCAT to you! Please contact us to determine shipping and handling costs. To order, call 940-433-5091 or e-mail us at


Male Bobcat
Born: May 5, 1994
Rescued: May 1, 1996
Newt takes napping very seriously! This is one bobcat who really takes comfort to a whole new level. Whether he is passed out on his corner perch in the shade, or soaking up rays on his favorite triangle perch, Newt is always a happy napper, and we just love to see how content and comfortable he is here at IEAS! Happy 19th Birthday Newt!
Female Bengal Tiger
Born: May 19, 1998
Rescued: August 15, 2011

It hasn’t been long since Sajani arrived at IEAS, but to say she quickly won a piece of our hearts is an understatement! This girl chuffed her way into the family in no time at all, and her affectionate and loving nature hasn’t let up since her arrival! She is truly happy to see her trusted friends, and we are always just as happy to see her! Happy 15th Birthday Sajani!
Female Bengal Tiger
Born: May 20, 2001
Rescued: October 9, 2008

Zippy has such a feisty personality! She loves to sneak and pounce on unsuspecting toys, and this tiger is surprisingly good at hide and seek. With her playful nature, Zippy is always a joy to spend time with, and we are so happy that she found herself at home at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary! Happy 12th Birthday Zippy!


Adopt A Sanctuary Animal today!


International Exotic Animal Sanctuary . P.O. Box 637, Boyd, TX 76023 , (940) 433-5091

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