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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Meet the Texans health reform helps
Texans Care for Children

April, 2013


Navigating a New Online Insurance Marketplace with Navigators' Help

Earlier this week, the federal government announced an opportunity for groups to receive funding to become what's called "navigators" in the online health insurance marketplace that opens this fall. The marketplace will be something like a Travelocity or Orbitz for health insurance, where consumers can shop for, compare, and purchase health insurance in a way that lets them see all their options in one place. Many people say they want someone to help them out with this process, and that's where navigators come in. The Washington Post describes navigators as a "new workforce of helpers required under the law," and it adds that "the success of the law and its overriding aim of making sure that virtually all Americans have health insurance depends on these people."

If you are with a community-based or consumer group considering this opportunity, please check out our blog post with the announcement and some key dates to know. We also invite you to join our next:
Health Care Action Call
Navigators in Texas: What to Know Now
12:00-1:00 p.m., Thursday, April 25

For call-in details, please RSVP to
Meet Bettina Cox speaks with her representative,
 John Zerwas, about what Medicaid expansion would mean for Texans like her the Texans the ACA Helps

The Affordable Care Act has helped millions of Texans already: people like Michelle, who, because of the law's ban on denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions, was able to get insurance for her 9-year-old son, a leukemia survivor. Or people like Barbara, who kept her young adult daughter covered and getting mental health treatment she needed since the law allowed her to stay on her mother's health plan through the age of 25.

As our partner Keilah Jacques recently explained in the Dallas Morning-News, even more Texans will benefit soon. Next year, some of the biggest changes will go into effect, and if our state helps out, it will mean potentially life-saving coverage for Texans like those of the roughly 66,000 currently uninsured veterans and their families and up to 710,000 uninsured parents of Texas kids. It also includes people who have been sharing their stories with us, like Bettina and Patricia, featured in new videos you'll find on our blog. Please take a moment to view and share their stories, and together we'll get Texas to make the right choice about giving more Texans the security of Medicaid coverage.

We're delivering petitions on Tuesday, so please don't wait.
Signed already? Please recruit a friend or family member to sign on!
Health Care Updates from the Capitol
    • Last week, we let you know about efforts to ensure the Texas budget makes negotiating for Medicaid expansion easier. While the Senate approved language like this, unfortunately some House legislators backtracked last week after showing early support. You can let them know your feelings about that with a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Legislators need to hear that Texans want our state to move forward, not back, on extending Medicaid for working families!
    • On Wednesday, April 17, Nuns on the Bus is coming to Austin in support of health care coverage for the working poor. You're invited to join Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS, Executive Director of NETWORK and activists from around the state for this Day of Advocacy.
  • Want to know what bills are pending in the legislature that would affect coverage and insurance for children? Texans Care for Children released a training video summarizing some of the key bills.
  • The Affordable Care Act keeps insurers from raising their rates unreasonably, but the Texas Department of Insurance has to have the authority to punish insurers who violate this rule. As the Center for Public Policy Priorities' Stacey Pogue writes, a bill heard in the House this week could help.
  • Small business leaders are working with our campaign to provide an influential voice on health care issues this legislative session. Contact Courtney Watson with the Children's Defense Fund and our team about adding your voice to this effort.

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