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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Curbing Hunger: A Challenge for Us All
Texans Care for Children

November, 2012

Curb Hunger, Help Schools, and Get a Peek at 2013's Kids Agenda
Texans Care Voice  November 2012    
Curbing Hunger: A Challenge for Us All
During the holidays, most of us look forward to a bounty of good eating, but for many Texas kids, the best foodsreal fruits, vegetables, and whole grainsare hard to come by. Making sure that children have what they need to grow up healthy will require action to bring nutritious, affordable food options to more of Texas' rural and inner-city communities.
Our new toolkit offers child hunger advocates a way to bring attention to this vital issue and involve local leaders, as well. The step-by-step guide even shows how to lead an awareness-raising activity, where community members learn what it's like for families living in "food deserts," areas without enough healthy food options. Texas has more of these deserts than any other state. Check out the toolkit now.
Save Now on Our 2013 Conference
Earlier we shared exciting news about our 2013 Children's Policy Conference in Austin. As a reminder, our early bird registration is $25 off the regular price of attendance and includes breakfast, lunch, and downtown Austin parking. The Dec. 1 early bird deadline is coming soon, so register now!
Schools and the Vulnerable Children in Them
Researchers have found 6 in 10 Texas children get expelled or suspended from school. That excessively harsh discipline happens even more often for children with mental health challenges, youth of color, and kids with special needs.
The good news is the Texas legislature is taking a close look at the problem, and Texans Care for Children is sharing solutions to address it. Making the school climate safe for every student must be a priority, including for children with behavioral health challenges and kids in foster care, as our policy experts recently explained to the Lege. 
A Sneak Peek at our 2013 Agenda
Plenty of Texans care for childrenfor our public investments in the future, for children's health and mental health, for our kids' safety, success, and opportunities right from the start.
But how should Texas' laws and rules on the book support those goals we all believe in? We have a few ideas. See our 2013 state policy agenda.
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