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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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The International Exotic Feline Sanctuary Needs Your Support
International Exotic Feline Sanctuary

September, 2012

Issue 75, October 3, 2011
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News

Dear Friends,

It hard to believe August is almost gone. We’ve survived the heat and drought, but the effects are still with us as we’ve lost numerous trees, bushes, and I don’t know if the grass will recover. The heat really taxed our A/C units, meat freezers, and the produce coolers. Last month we had 2 A/C units, the large meat freezer and the produce cooler broken down at some point during the month. Thank goodness we did not lose any of the food for the animals, although we had to do a lot of shuffling from unit to unit for a couple of weeks, and the interns had to survive without A/C for a couple of nights. We still have the small walk-in freezer down as we are waiting on the repair man, and he promised he would be here shortly as he and his crew are working long hours.  All our water wells are holding their own, but I can tell the recovery rate is slowing when we fill animal pools. Still all the animals are enjoying their misters, fresh drinking water and pools as they are always our first priority. 
It has been an emotional year here at the sanctuary as we’ve had to say goodbye to some of our old and very favorite animal friends, such as Sabrina, Samson, Kuru, Katrina, Nayakhan, and Mia. Although we’ve received some new friends and welcomed them to the sanctuary family, they will never replace our memories of the others. Having been here for 16 years I know we must endure the passing of these wonderful animals, but it’s still hard to say goodbye.
The economic situation is also impacting the sanctuary. Our ordinary income is down 19.9% for the first 7 months of 2012. We’ve off set some of this reduction in donations by lowering our total operating expenses by 4.6%. The decrease in donations has put a void in our budget for the rest of the year. Charities are always the first hit by poor economic conditions and we definitely understand the situation.  At this time we are looking at a significant shortfall. I want to thank every donor, adopted parent, tour visitors, and IEAS friend for all you’ve done over the years to help provide the best quality of life possible in captivity for these wonderful animals. Your past generosity and help in tougher times than 2012 makes writing this letter to ask for more help even more difficult.
On behalf of the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary and the animals, I respectfully request that you consider a generous donation to help cover the expenses for the remaining year. Any donation will be greatly appreciated and will be used wisely for the animals. Our sanctuary offers a unique opportunity for you to assist in this meaningful endeavor of helping these magnificent, innocent beings. We hope, with your help, we can continue to fulfill our mission. We applaud your support that has eliminated fear, pain and suffering for these animals, and thank you for your consideration of this request by the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. We hope to be able to count on your donation to get IEAS through the balance of 2012.  I thank you for you help in achieve our goal of providing the best possible quality of life in captivity for our animal residents and others to come and for sharing the enormous responsibility of ensuring the survival of these wonderful beings for generations to come.  We need those who care about the animals, the Sanctuary, and its mission to assist us one more time. 
Also, I personally want to thank your for your continuing support over the years. I’m looking forward in having you visit the sanctuary in the near future or follow us on our website , facebook, or the sanctuary’s blog for daily updates of the animals here at the sanctuary.

Thank You So Much For All Your Help!


Richard Gilbreth
Executive Director                                                                                                                                                          
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary
940-433-5091 office
940-393-9036 cell



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