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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

August, 2012



Struggles Continue for Doctors Treating Elderly Poor

The Texas Tribune

August 2, 2012


Months after Texas physicians treating the state's poorest seniors made a public plea for relief, there has been little movement to reverse a state policy that curbed their reimbursements for patients eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare.



Texas is home to 40% of home health care agencies with suspicious claims

Houston Chronicle

August 2, 2012


The nation's top health care inspector is calling for a Medicare moratorium on new home health care agencies in Texas, where the largest number of companies are filing dubious claims, according to a report obtained by the Houston Chronicle. Nearly 40 percent of all home health care agencies or HHAs with suspicious billings came from Texas, according to the latest findings from the U.S. Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General. 



Memorial Hermann wins nursing funding from Obama's health care law

Houston Chronicle

July 30, 2012


Memorial Hermann Hospital is one of five around the country chosen for a $200 million initiative to train advanced practice nurses in an effort to boost the nation's health care workforce. 



Subcommittee meets on affordable care act and mental health funding

The Anahuac Progress

August 1, 2012


Representative Craig Eiland (D-Galveston) and the House Appropriations Sub-Committee on Health and Human Services held a hearing recently to receive updates on the Affordable Care Act and its potential impact on the state budget and funding mechanisms for mental health services.



Fort Worth soldier wants a military trial in off-base shooting

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

August 1, 2012


... The lawsuit, filed last week, seeks to have Cumberland County District Attorney William West and North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper allow the Army to prosecute Staff Sgt. Joshua Eisenhauer, whom the Army has diagnosed with severe post-traumatic stress from two tours in Afghanistan. It contends that the civilian justice system is being "deliberately indifferent" to the soldier's worsening mental state.





SAMHSA awards up to $12 million in grants to benefit people experiencing homelessness

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

August 1, 2012


The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) announced today that it is awarding eight new grants totaling up to $12 million over the next three years to public service agencies across the country working to prevent or reduce chronic homelessness in their communities. 





Experts Release 11-Point Plan To Reduce Health Spending

Kaiser Health News

August 1, 2012


Some of the nation's top health care experts, several of whom helped write the 2010 health care law, released a strategy Wednesday to take the next step - curbing spending. The proposals include state spending targets; competitive bidding for medical devices, laboratory tests and other Medicare services; and a dramatic move away from the traditional way doctors and hospitals are paid. 



Remember Managed Care? It's Quietly Coming Back

The Wall Street Journal

August 2, 2012


Under pressure to squeeze out costs, some of the U.S.'s biggest health insurers are quietly erecting more hurdles for patients seeking medical care. The companies are in many cases reaching back to the 1990s and boosting the use of techniques that antagonized patients and doctors alike. ... Today's approaches are tweaked, but may feel familiar to many: Insurers are rolling out plans with more restricted choices of doctors and hospitals, and weighing new requirements for referrals before patients can see specialists. 



Small Firms See Pain in Health Law

The Wall Street Journal

August 1, 2012


... Some restaurant owners who offer limited health-benefit plans say they will drop them and pay penalties rather than provide the more expensive insurance required under the law. For employers above the threshold, the penalty starts at $2,000 a worker, although the first 30 employees don't count toward the levy. 



Gov't report: No clear way for IRS to block Medicaid payments to providers who cheat on taxes

The Washington Post

August 2, 2012


WASHINGTON - Thousands of Medicaid health care service providers still got paid by the government even though they owed hundreds of millions of dollars in federal taxes, congressional investigators say. A legal technicality is making it harder for the IRS to collect. 



Medicare Wants More Time to Study Cost of Security Fix

The New York Times

August 1, 2012


Five years after being told to look at taking Social Security numbers off Medicare cards, Medicare officials say they need six more months to figure out how much it will cost. At a tense House hearing on Wednesday, Medicare's chief information officer, Tony Trenkle, said that he could not offer a timetable for making the change.





Massacres no excuse to stigmatize the mentally ill

USA Today

August 2, 2012


... As the details about Holmes continue to unfold, I can already anticipate the direction the conversation will take. That's because, as a nation, we still are confounded by mental illnesses. ... Millions of ordinary Americans, including my son, are the real face of mental illnesses. None of them has killed anyone. They should not be stigmatized and their illnesses should not be trivialized because of the violence of a few. Nor should anyone believe that our hearts are not breaking because of these senseless murders. 



The Colorado Tragedy: Mental Health System Concerns

National Alliance on Mental Illness

August 1, 2012


... There are many causes of violence in society. As reported by the U.S. Surgeon General "the overall contribution of mental disorders to the total level of violence in society is exceptionally small." When exceptions occur, they are often a sign that something has gone terribly wrong in the mental health care system-which as Pete warns, we ignore "at our own peril." 



Doctors work hard for their money, but nurse practioners could help fill the doctor shortage

The Dallas Morning News

August 1, 2012


... Nurse practitioners are well educated and trained to take care of the majority of primary care health problems. They are more than willing to go into the areas that physicians do not want to go and to take Medicaid and Medicare patients. There is much research that shows that we can provide the same care safely and with high quality.





Depression Could Shorten Cancer Survival, Study Suggests


August 1, 2012


Symptoms of depression are linked to shorter survival times among cancer patients, according to a new study. The link may be attributed to abnormal stress hormone regulation and inflammatory gene expression, researchers from the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center reported in the Aug. 1 edition of PLoS ONE. 



Economic Success In Developed Countries Adversely Affected By Mental Disorders In The Population

Medical News Today

August 2, 2012


Mental disorders that emerge in childhood and adolescence, including attention-deficit disorder, depression, anxiety and substance abuse, constitute significant challenges to cognitive, emotional, and social development. As a result, it is perhaps not surprising that earnings and income are substantially reduced among people diagnosed with mental disorders. 



OCS common in patients at high risk for psychosis

MedWire News

August 2, 2012


Obsessive-compulsive symptoms (OCS) are common in patients at high risk for psychosis and are associated with an increased risk for suicidal ideation, US study results show. 





George A. Miller dies at 92; psychologist helped lead cognitive science revolution

The Washington Post

August 1, 2012


George A. Miller, an iconoclastic scholar who helped topple the behaviorist school of psychology and replace it with cognitive science, a shift that amounted to no less than a revolution in the study of the human mind, died July 22 at his home in Plainsboro, N.J. He was 92.



Nurturing Connections for Young Children: 1st Annual Early Childhood Mental Health & Wellness Conference and TAIMH Annual Meeting


Family Service Association in collaboration with the Texas Association of Infant Mental Health, Voices for Children of San Antonio, the Alamo Alliance for Nurturing Young Children and its many members and partners, have come together, with support from the San Antonio Area Foundation and Methodist Healthcare Ministries, to provide this first annual early childhood mental health conference. Thursday, October 11 - Friday, October 12, 2012



Metta World Peace's mental health advocacy helps his own growth

Los Angeles Times

August 1, 2012


... World Peace auctioned off his 2010 NBA ring for $651,006 to benefit mental health charities.  He testified before Congress on behalf of the Mental Health in Schools Act, which would raise $200 million in grant funding to 200 schools.  He appeared in various public service announcements and billboards on behalf of the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.,0,3045902.story



Dogs: A medicine for mental health problems?


August 2, 2012


... A growing number of Americans are getting dogs for mental health needs, experts say. In the case of psychiatric service animals, such as Valor, they are trained specifically to help people with mental illnesses, in much the way seeing-eye dogs are taught to help to blind people.


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