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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health Clips
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

July, 2012



State Medicaid Chief Weighs In on Health Reform

The Texas Tribune

July 12, 2012


... Despite Perry's announcement that Texas will not expand Medicaid, the state will likely see a jump in those enrolling in the current program, Millwee said. Because the individual mandate - which requires all citizens to purchase health insurance - was ruled constitutional, those who were "eligible but not enrolled" in Medicaid will now join the program, he said. 



Robert Romasco: The TT Interview

The Texas Tribune

July 12, 2012


... Most recently, Gov. Rick Perry's announcement that Texas will not expand Medicaid - a choice the Supreme Court relegated to states in its ruling on the Affordable Care Act - has raised questions about the future of the program in Texas. ... In light of such discussions, AARP President Robert Romasco spoke with The Texas Tribune about what the entitlement programs have to offer and their immediate and long-term futures. The following is an edited transcript of the conversation. 



Drug injections may have contributed to Parkland psych patient's death

The Dallas Morning News

July 12, 2012


Repeated injections of an antipsychotic drug given to a patient during a struggle with psychiatric techs at Parkland Memorial Hospital last year may have contributed to his death, according to a new medical investigative report obtained by The Dallas Morning News. Dr. Jeffrey Barnard, Dallas County's chief medical examiner, cited medicine complications as well as physical restraint holds as possible factors in George Cornell's death. 



Riverside Hospital clinic records seized by investigators

Houston Chronicle

July 12, 2012


Four months after a Riverside General Hospital executive was arrested for his role in a $116 million Medicare scheme, FBI and state investigators returned Thursday, seizing more plastic boxes full of patient files from a clinic run by the hospital administrator's son. ... Devotions Care Solutions offers intense, outpatient therapy for the mentally ill. Most of the care is paid for by Medicare and Medicaid. 



Army vet's still fighting Dallas Independent School District after he was denied former job as a district cop

The Dallas Morning News

July 12, 2012


Back in March 2011 Dallas Independent School District police officer Rodney Bennett took on the district for refusing to give him back his old job after he'd returned from a two-year tour of duty in Iraq, during which his Jeep was hit by an RPG. ... His suit, filed by attorney Robert Goodman Jr., alleged that Bennett was fired "based on the explicitly stated perception expressed by his supervisor ... that returning veterans could not function as police officers because of perceived problems associated with the risk of posttraumatic stress syndrome in combat." 





Effects of Medicare Part D Coverage Gap on Medication and Medical Treatment Among Elderly Beneficiaries With Depression

Archives of General Psychiatry

July 2012


... Maintenance antidepressant pharmacotherapy in late life prevents recurrent episodes of major depression. The coverage gap in Medicare Part D could increase the likelihood of reducing appropriate use of antidepressants, thereby exposing older adults to an increased risk for relapse of depressive episodes. 



Interactive health records may boost preventive care

Chicago Tribune

July 12, 2012


... In the U.S., there has been a huge push to get doctors to switch from old-fashioned paper to electronic records. That's because digital records can, among other things, allow doctors, hospitals and other providers to communicate more easily - and hopefully cut down on errors, while getting more patients the tests and treatments they need.,0,7403315.story 



Prospects: Looking for health-care jobs? Try the federal government

The Washington Post

July 13, 2012


... Recently, however, I've been amazed at the number of agencies doing health-care work and the career possibilities they provide. USAJOBS, for example, has more than 2,500 health-care-related jobs. 



Brain tissue from former NFL star Seau to be studied for damage

Chicago Tribune

July 12, 2012


LOS ANGELES - Tissue from the brain of former San Diego Chargers star Junior Seau, who committed suicide in May, has been sent to the National Institutes of Health for analysis amid growing concerns over the long-term effects of football-related head injuries. ... His death at age 43 came during heightened scrutiny of the effects of repeated blows to the head in football, ice hockey and other contact sports and the potential for such injuries to contribute to depression and other health problems in players.,0,2907678.story 



Jesse Jackson Jr.'s treatment: What are mood disorders?

The Washington Post

July 12, 2012


Jackson's exact diagnosis isn't known. "Mood disorders," however, come in two general types - depression and mania. Their combined occurrence in manic depression, now known as "bipolar disorder," is an increasingly popular diagnosis. There are numerous subtypes of depression, such as "dysthymia" - a less-severe but longer-lasting form - as well as mood disorders associated with alcohol and drug use. 





Federally Qualified Health Centers and Private Practice Performance on Ambulatory Care Measures

American Journal of Preventive Medicine

July 10, 2012


... The 2010 Affordable Care Act relies on Federally Qualifıed Health Centers (FQHCs) and FQHC look-alikes (look-alikes) to provide care for newly insured patients, but ties increased funding to demonstrated quality and effıciency. 



Lines Are Drawn Over Opting Out of Medicaid Plan

The New York Times

July 12, 2012


MIAMI - In the weeks since the Supreme Court ruled that states could opt out of a plan to vastly expand Medicaid under President Obama's health care law, several Republican governors have vowed to do just that, attacking the expansion as a budget-busting federal power grab. 



Ten Things You Didn't Know Were In The Affordable Care Act

Kaiser Health News

July 12, 2012


So you think the Supreme Court upheld a law that requires most people to buy health insurance? That's only part of it. The measure's hundreds of pages touch on a variety of issues and initiatives that have, for the most part, remained under the public's radar. Here's a sampling: 1. Postpartum Depression (Sec. 2952) ... Urges the National Institute of Mental Health to conduct a multi-year study into the causes and effects of postpartum depression. It authorized $3 million in 2010 and such sums as necessary in 2011 and 2012 to provide services to women at risk of postpartum depression. 





Guantanamo drug probe raises new questions

Austin American-Statesman

July 12, 2012


SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO - ... The report by the Department of Defense Inspector General found that some detainees were interrogated while they were also being treated by doctors at the prison for diagnosed mental conditions and receiving prescribed psychoactive medications.



Suicides Under Home Treatment In England Are Almost Double Ward Cases

Medical News Today

July 13, 2012


Deaths by suicide among mental health patients treated at home have reached 150 to 200 a year in England, latest national figures reveal - but suicides among patients on mental health wards continue to fall. 





Standing tall with 'freedom' to be uninsured

San Antonio Express-News

July 13, 2012


Texas is home of the brave, land of the free and won't be partaking of any part of that socialist Obamacare claptrap if it doesn't have to. So says Gov. Rick Perry. All of which means Texas will have plenty of folks free to be bravely uninsured. Picture me doing those air quotes around free and bravely. 



Jesse Jackson Jr.'s political and personal struggle

The Dallas Morning News

July 12, 2012


I cringe when I hear a politician or actor (is there a difference) grapple with a emotional, chemical, physical health or substance problem. ... Indeed, a politician's best currency is the illusion of power and authority. And personal issues can erode that image quickly and send the sharks circling. And that's the reason I concur with this commentary urging Jesse Jackson Jr., who is running for re-election this fall, to resign and deal with his mental health difficulties away from the glare of high-stress politics. 





Adding functional skills training to CRT improves schizophrenia functioning

MedWire News

July 13, 2012


Adding functional skills training to cognitive remediation therapy (CRT) significantly improves functional competence and real-world behavior in patients with schizophrenia, show study findings. 



Key risk features predictive for suicide in bipolar disorder identified

MedWire News

July 13, 2012


Study findings suggest that patients with bipolar disorder (BD) who present with mixed-states, melancholic depressive features, or have multiple antidepressant treatment episodes are at increased risk for suicide. 



Childhood Trauma Linked to Adult Smoking for Girls


July 12, 2012


Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can stay with us for life. New research published in BioMed Central's open access journal Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy explains how these events can be tied up with adult smoking patterns, especially for women, and suggests that treatment and strategies to stop smoking need to take into account the psychological effects of childhood trauma. 





In the Age of Anxiety, are we all mentally ill?


July 13, 2012


... Some psychiatrists say the increase in the prevalence of anxiety from about 4 percent to 50 percent is the result of psychiatrists and others "getting better at diagnosing anxiety," as Dr. Carolyn Robinowitz, a past president of the APA who is in private practice in Washington, D.C., put it. ... Critics, including other leading psychiatrists, disagree. They say the apparent explosion in anxiety shows there is something seriously and dangerously wrong with the DSM. Its next edition, due in May, would lower the threshold for identifying anxiety. 



When A Daughter Self-Harms


July 12, 2012


... Immediately we found a good local therapist: some sessions were 1:1 and others involved all of us. I learned that cutting is better understood as an attempt to blunt emotional pain than a manifestation of mental illness or suicidal intention. In Sarah's case, the issues were largely about depression, intensified at a time when she struggled to fit into 8th-grade-girl culture. 



Group works to end mental health stigma

Fox 34 News - Lubbock

July 12, 2012


The South Plains Suicide Prevention Coalition is working hard to help our region get over the stigma of mental health, both community-wise and media-wise.


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