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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

January, 2012



Don't Miss this Great Event!

Hogg Blog

January 26, 2012


Have you registered for our free conference, "Quality Health Care for All: Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities through Integrated Health Care"? Well, the good news is, you still can! With two weeks left until the event, we have finalized the agenda and we are excited to have national experts onboard to help lead the conference discussion. 





Judge: Mentally incompetent state inmates being kept in jail too long

Austin American-Statesman

January 25, 2012


Texas routinely violates the constitutional rights of mentally incompetent prisoners by forcing them to stay in jail for up to six months before moving them to psychiatric hospitals, a Travis County judge ruled this week. State District Judge Orlinda Naranjo ruled that the Department of State Health Services must start moving "forensic commitments" - people accused of crimes who have been ruled incompetent to stand trial because of mental illness - to state psychiatric hospitals within 21 days of receiving a judge's order. 



Pharmacists Ask Lege for Cover from New Medicaid Privatization

Texas Observer

January 25, 2012


... In the latest step in Texas' march to public health care privatization, some lawmakers wanted to insert a private-sector middle man into the system for reimbursing pharmacists serving customers on Medicaid. ... By October, many independents got a contract offer from one of those pharmacy benefit managers, Wisconsin-based Navitus, offering a dispensing fee of just $1.35-an 80 percent cut from the $6.50 fee Texas had been paying. On Tuesday, a handful of those pharmacists waited out a long hearing at the Capitol to warn the House Public Health Committee that managed Medicaid looks just as dangerous as they'd warned it would be last summer. 



Montgomery County launches two new mental health programs for incarcerated

The Paper Magazine - Houston

January 25, 2012


CONROE, TEXAS-This week, Montgomery County launches two new programs to address the growing number of defendants with mental health issues incarcerated in the county jail. The county will be only the second in Texas to have a managed assigned counsel program for indigent defendants. Montgomery County's program will focus on representing defendants with mental health issues. 



Judge orders autistic boy to juvenile detention center

Dallas Morning News

January 25, 2012


A 14-year-old boy with autism and diabetes who roamed the streets of Fort Worth over the weekend after escaping Child Protective Services custody will not be allowed to go home, authorities said. Judge Rayburn Nall of 59th District Court in Sherman ordered Tuesday that the boy be transferred to a juvenile detention center after he ran away from a Catholic Charities shelter in Fort Worth three times. 





State to close Taunton facility for mentally ill

Boston Globe

January 25, 2012


After more than 150 years of housing mentally ill patients, Taunton State Hospital will close its doors, and its remaining patients will be sent to other facilities by the end of the year, state officials said yesterday. 



Disbanding of nursing board raises questions about public protection

California Watch

January 25, 2012


The state Board of Registered Nursing ceased to exist this year due to an October veto by Gov. Jerry Brown, and now stark disagreement is emerging over whether the public is adequately protected from nurses who need drug treatment or limits on their practice or to be stopped altogether. ... 



Lawsuit Challenges 'Sheltered Workshops' for Oregon's Disabled

New York Times

January 25, 2012


PORTLAND, Ore (Reuters) - Thousands of disabled Oregonians are stuck segregated in dead-end jobs at "sheltered workshops," in violation of federal law, because of failed state programs that should help them find mainstream employment, according to a landmark lawsuit filed on Wednesday. ... The plaintiff class the lawsuit seeks to encompass consists of several thousand individuals with various mental and physical disabilities who are qualified for integrated employment or programs to move them into mainstream jobs. 



Sacramento County case over mental health care settled

Sacramento Bee

January 24, 2012


Advocates who sued Sacramento County in 2010 to preserve continuity of care for mental health care recipients in the face of budget cuts announced a settlement in the case Monday. The agreement means about 5,000 adults with significant psychiatric disabilities can continue to get outpatient services from their existing contract providers, according to the disability rights group. 



NM man who pulled tooth while locked in solitary confinement for 2 years awarded $22 million

Washington Post

January 25, 2012


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - ... Slevin was arrested while driving through the southern New Mexico county in August 2005. He ended up in solitary confinement because he was suffering from depression and someone checked a box on a form indicating he was suicidal, Coyte said. Slevin was given some drugs for depression but never saw a mental health professional, Coyte said. He said his client wrote letters for months seeking help, but they were ignored. 





Poll: Most Think Supreme Court Should Strike Down Individual Mandate

Wall Street Journal

January 26, 2012


... Consider some numbers from the latest opinion poll by the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation. Some 54% of respondents said they thought the Supreme Court should rule unconstitutional the individual mandate - a requirement in the health-care overhaul law that most people carry insurance or pay a fine. Only 17% said they thought the court should rule the mandate constitutional. The remaining 29% said they didn't know or didn't want to answer. 



Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation aims to cut health-care costs

Washington Post

January 25, 2012


The Obama administration touts it as a key solution to the nation's runaway health-care spending: a new national center set up by the 2010 health-care law to test and implement groundbreaking ways to cut costs while improving patient care. 



Consumer groups fear White House may water down rule on user-friendly health plan summaries

Washington Post

January 26, 2012


WASHINGTON - Consumer groups are scrambling to salvage a popular provision of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul that suddenly seems to be in question. ... At issue is a requirement that health plans provide simple, standard summaries of coverage and costs to help consumers pick benefits that are right for them - a sort of "CliffsNotes" version of cryptic insurance company jargon. 



Massachusetts Health Reform: How It Fared In 2010

Health Affairs

January 25, 2012


Bethesda, MD -- Massachusetts's health reform bill, which provided the template for the federal Affordable Care Act, went into effect in 2006. In a statewide survey taken in 2010, 94.2 percent of the state's nonelderly (19-64) residents reported being covered, a significant increase over the 86.6 percent estimate of 2006. 





Google Auto-Complete Answers: Why Are Texans...

Houston Press

January 25, 2012


... Why are Texans retarded? According to a report from the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Agency, in 2011, Texas was in the lower half of states when it came to mental illness with Idaho, Utah and Rhode Island taking top honors for most depressed. Of course, we do rank dead last in mental health spending, but when you're so freaking healthy... 



Social media has positive capabilities too

TCU 360

January 25, 2012


....These same social media that are being crucified as resources to sexualize children are also the same media many school and resident advisers are using to identify depression and signs of abuse. Many doctors and advisers have been watching Facebook carefully, identifying changes of status, photos and postings to find key signs of distress within students' mental and physical health. In Rich's closing statements in The New York Times interview, he concluded, "It's what we do with the tools that decides how they affect us and those around us." 





Improvement in mental health literacy among general public

MedWire News

January 26, 2012


Results from a systematic review and meta-analysis of published studies suggest that mental health literacy has improved significantly among the general public in recent decades, but attitudes toward people with mental illnesses have not. 



Shortage Of Research On When There's Too Much Health Care


January 25, 2012


There's little doubt that the U.S. wastes a lot of money on unnecessary health care. But pinning down the worst offenders isn't easy, as a fresh analysis of the scientific literature finds. 



Funding of alternative treatments questioned

Chicago Tribune

January 26, 2012


... the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a small, little-known branch of the National Institutes of Health, was launched a dozen years ago to study alternative treatments that are used by the public but are not accepted by mainstream medicine. Since its birth, the center has spent $1.4 billion, most of it on research. Millions of those dollars have been used to fund studies with questionable grounding in science, according to a review of hundreds of NCCAM grants and other documents reviewed by the Chicago Tribune.,0,4741269.story 



Exercise may boost mood for some chronically ill

Chicago Tribune

January 25, 2012


NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - ... With the new study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers wanted to weigh the evidence that training can also help chronically ill people who don't have a diagnosis of depression, but nonetheless may feel down. That's important because depressive symptoms could make people less likely to take their meds, could increase their use of health services and decrease their quality of life, said Matthew Herring of the University of Alabama at Birmingham.,0,469081.story 



U.S. Soldiers Face Host of Mental Health Issues


January 25, 2012


U.S. military personnel and veterans are plagued by substance abuse, depression and suicide, three new studies indicate. 



Reasons for substance use vary among mental health patients

MedWire News

January 26, 2012


The reasons for tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis use vary among patients with different mental health disorders, research shows. 



Working Too Much Is Correlated With Two-Fold Increase in Likelihood of Depression


January 25, 2012


The odds of a major depressive episode are more than double for those working 11 or more hours a day compared to those working seven to eight hours a day, according to a report is published in the Jan. 25 issue of the online journal PLoS ONE. 



Mechanism Sheds Light On How the Brain Adapts to Stress


January 25, 2012


Scientists now have a better understanding of the way that stress impacts the brain. New research, published by Cell Press in the January 26 issue of the journal Neuron, reveals pioneering evidence for a new mechanism of stress adaptation and may eventually lead to a better understanding of why prolonged and repeated exposure to stress can lead to anxiety disorders and depression. 



Katrina Survivors Continue to Struggle With Mental Health, Study Finds

Philanthropy News Digest

January 26, 2012


Survivors of Hurricane Katrina have struggled for years with poor mental health, a study of low-income mothers in the New Orleans area finds.;jsessionid=KDVKXHWPIMC2RLAQBQ4CGW15AAAACI2F?id=368100011 



All in their heads? CDC finds no physical cause for strange creepy-crawly affliction

Washington Post

January 25, 2012


... Some doctors believe the condition is a form of delusional parasitosis, a psychosis in which people believe they are infected with parasites. Last May, Mayo Clinic researchers published a study of 108 Morgellons patients and found none of them suffered from any unusual physical ailment. The study concluded that the sores on many of them were caused by their own scratching and picking at their skin. 





Action Needed: Comment on Proposed Essential Health Benefits


January 26, 2012


On Dec. 16, 2011, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a bulletin on the Essential Health Benefits outlining plans to implement the Affordable Care Act requirement that insurance plans offer at least a minimum set of essential health benefits. This guidance is important because it sheds light on what kinds of services will be available to individuals enrolled in the Medicaid expansion and in private health plans on state health insurance exchanges. ... Do your part-submit comments by Tuesday, Jan. 31 before 5 p.m. Eastern. 



Opportunity to comment on AHRQ drafts related to mental health integration and PTSD

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Effective Health Care Program

January 2012


The following draft documents are available for comment until February 1, 2012:


  • Practice-Based Interventions Addressing Concomitant Mental Health and Chronic Medical Conditions in the Primary Care Setting 


  • Interventions for the Secondary Prevention of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Adults Exposed to One or More Traumatic Events 





GIH President and CEO Lauren LeRoy to Step Down in October 2012

Grantmakers In Health

January 26, 2012


Washington, DC-- Lauren LeRoy, who since 1998 has led Grantmakers In Health through a period of transformative growth and change, will step down as president and CEO in October 2012.


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